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    Industry news
    Steel export tax rebate or cancel
    Source:久立鋼構Keyword:Steel,export,tax,cancelPublish Time:2014-06-04

    Since June 1, after more than 80 of China's steel products imposed or imposition of export tariffs, currently on the market again rumors that China intends to further lock steel product regulation, the relevant departments are studying it intends to abolish the export tax rebate rate of 13% steel, and point in time may be July 1.

    Iron and steel industry development strategy at the third meeting held yesterday, the China Steel Pipe Association Branch Secretary Ling Ming said the pipe as a new export tax rebate policy adjustment of export tax rebate cancellation African steel varieties is only temporary, but the steel export tax rebate cancellation sooner or later, the steel industry should be ready early.

    Ling Ming also pointed out that when the national administrative authorities to cancel steel export tax rebates in the study, should not "one size fits all", such as in the wells of seamless steel tubes, boiler tubes and welded steel pipe in large diameter line pipe, shaped pipe should be given special protection.

    Statistics show that China's steel output growth to slow in the first quarter, but began to rise again in April, the month and exceeded the highest yield. "If the production release continues out of control, in the case of future exports blocked, the domestic market will be a serious oversupply situation." Ling Ming told the "First Financial Daily."

    In fact, the state has issued three "magic": cut and cancel steel export tax rebate rate, the implementation of the export license management, after some steel products export tariffs, since late May, the domestic steel market prices have started to fall .

    China Steel Industry Association executive vice president and secretary general Luo at the 3rd meeting of the steel industry development strategy, said the development trend of China's steel exports exist "volatility and achieve a new balance" two possibilities in the second half of this year. The first possibility is that the national measures to strengthen macro-control policy effects play rising cost of exports, exports of steel products dropped significantly increase the amount of domestic resources market, market prices fall, the price difference between the international and domestic markets to further expand, a rebound in exports of steel products, authorities re-introduction of export restrictions greater intensity. This situation is bound to cause volatility in the domestic market. "This is what we want to see."

    Another possibility is that the second half of the control measures play policy effects, the decline in exports, increase domestic resource market, steel producers adhere to demand the organization of production, coupled with the elimination of backward production capacity to play a role in iron and steel production to maintain moderate growth, achieve new basic balance between supply and demand, the domestic market is relatively stable. "This is a goal we should strive to achieve."

    From the current situation, the situation is likely to develop into the first. A domestic steel market department official told reporters that the first four months of this year, China's net exports of crude steel accounted for more than 53% of domestic crude increments, steel exports have declined in May than in April, June their steel exports decreased by half over the same period, while production has not decreased, it will surely make more resources are concentrated in the country, they are carried on the domestic steel price dropped substantially.

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